My dog, a 1-year-old French bulldog named Gunther, has been meticulously judging me, wondering why I spend so much time looking for sports betting options when the industry is on hold. That’s because despite the pause of NBA and NHL seasons, the postponement of the start of MLB, and the uncertain start of NFL season, there are some things people can still bet on.

You must remember, things are in short supply. A better part of the options, at least for the four pillars of sports (NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB), are futures bets.

However, many sportsbooks around the country are offering very niche sports to bet on. Not every item will be referenced here, but below are some of the sports and activities professional and casual bettors can still wager on at legal sportsbooks in the US.

For am extensive list of betting options, head over to each sportsbook’s website such as FanDuel Sportsbook, DraftKings Sportsbook, and William Hill Sportsbook.

NFL & NCAA Football betting

The 2020 NFL Draft begins Thursday, April 23, which means expect sportsbooks to offer a variety of NFL Draft betting options. Customers can also lay down several traditional futures bets, some of which include:

  • 2020-21 SuperBowl Champion (FD, DK, William Hill, and more)
  • 2020-21 Pro Football Regular Season MVP (FD, DK, William Hill, and more)
  • 2020 NFL Draft (FD, DK, William Hill, and more…)
  • 2020-21 College Football National Champion (FD, DK, William Hill, and more)
  • 2020 Heisman Trophy Winner (FD, DK, William Hill, and more)

NBA & NCAA Basketball betting

March Madness may have been scrapped this year, but you can still bet on who will be next year’s champion. Should the NBA season resume later this year, you can also bet on who will win the 2019-2020 NBA Title in addition to the upcoming 2020 NBA Draft.

  • Taiwan Basketball (DK)
  • Chinese Taipei (DK)
  • 2020 NBA Draft (FD, DK, BetMGM, and more)
  • 2020-21 NCAA Basketball Champion (FD, DK, William Hill, and more)
  • 2020 WNBA Champion (William Hill)

Baseball betting

America’s pastime is tricky — and yes, baseball is still America’s pastime. But until MLB returns, a few international games are being played.

  • 2020-21 World Season Champion (FD, DK, BetMGM, William Hill, and more)
  • Taiwan Baseball matches (William Hill)
  • South Korean Baseball matches (William Hill)

Soccer betting

Many soccer matches continue to be played overseas, which baffles even me. To that extent, several sportsbooks offer single-game bets, except for William Hill, which is only offering bets in Nevada.

  • 2020 FIFA World Cup (FD, DK, William Hill, and more)
  • 2020 UEFA Euro (FD, DK, William Hill, and more)
  • Belarusian Premier League (FD, DK, William Hill-NV only, and more)
  • Taiwan Premier League (FD, DK, William Hill-NV only, and more)

Golf betting

Several PGA tour events, including The Masters, have been postponed due to the pandemic. This means golf betting has been reduced to futures options until further notice.

  • 2020 Masters (FD, DK, William Hill, and more)
  • 2020 Ryder Cup (FD, DK, William Hill, and more)
  • 2020 US Open (FD, DK, William Hill, and more)
  • 2020 Cactus League Women’s Golf matchup (FD, DK, William Hill, and more)

Table Tennis

Perhaps the most bet-on sport during the coronavirus pandemic has been table tennis. The most competitive leagues are based in the Czech Republic, Russia, and Ukraine, with matches streamed on

  • Moscow Liga Pro matches (FD, DK, William Hill, and more)
  • Setka Cup Men’s matches (FD, DK, William Hill, and more)
  • Czech TT Star Series (William Hill)
  • Ukraine Win Cup matches (William Hill)

Additional options

On top of everything listed above, there are several other sports and events customers can wager on. In no particular order they include:

  • Call of Duty League (William Hill-NV only)
  • League of Legends Europe (William Hill-NV only)
  • 2020 Premier League Darts (FD, DK, William Hill, and more)
  • Magnus Carlsen Inv Futures – Chess (William Hill)
  • 2020 NASCAR Cup Series Futures (FD, DK, William Hill, and more)
  • 2020 ICC Cricket World Cup Futures (DK)

The list of betting options may not be what we are used to. By now, I should have attended a handful of Chicago White Sox baseball games. The NBA and NHL playoffs would be heating up, and in-depth discussions on NFL training camp would be flooding TV screens.

Some things will continue, but they may look different. One change will be witnessed soon with the first-ever remote NFL draft. But as I tell Gunther, during these challenging times, we must work with what we got.

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