When purchasing pitching mats for your high school or sports facility, look for a steady surface, quality inlaid turf, spike resistance, and easy portability. Over the years, Jennie Finch products have continued to be the preferred choice of fast-pitch softball coaches across the country. Made for all skill levels, these high-quality indoor turf mats incorporate the latest technology for enhanced player protection and performance.

A softball artificial turf mat is an effective coaching tool for teaching pitches as well as practice drills. Recommended by sports pros, it is an ideal way to replicate the mound and help players develop and enhance their skills during and in the offseason. However, the wide range of products available in the market today can make the selection process confusing. Knowing what distinguishes the Jennie Finch product line from its competitors will help you make the right choice.

Advantages of Jennie Finch artificial turf mats

  • Reliable quality: Made from extremely durable, spike-resistant, artificial turf, these pro pitching mats last for many seasons.
  • Enhanced player safety: A high-quality rubberized backing fused to the mat keeps it from sliding around. The Powerline and Pitching Lane Pro models (both 3’W x 10’L) guarantee they will not slip on gym floors. With excellent foot traction, players can focus on improving their line instead of worrying about tripping and falling. The cushioning also allows pitchers to land on a consistent surface, reducing wear on the body.
  • Quality training: The 2″ inlaid white line and attached regulation size pitching rubber emphasize the pitching lane promoting proper foot placement and balance. Additionally, the popular Pro model has a 6″ barrier of white turf on both sides of the rubber. This helps pitchers comply with NCAA regulations that restrict players from pitching outside the 24″ pitching rubber.
  • Easy portability: They come in a convenient carrying case and roll up quickly for easy travel and storage.

If you are on a tight budget, there are less expensive turf mats that have no endorsement. They also have a non-slip backing and come with or without a stride line (helps players stay straight towards home). However, good quality pitching rubbers are worth the extra dollars. In addition to improving player skills and safety, they last for years.

What is the best place to buy them? Make your purchase from an established sports equipment distributor that provides quality products and consistent service. You are also likely to find a range of softball training tools to meet your needs and budget.

Source by C. Brian Richardson