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Quick Guide on Sports Handicapping Services in Basketball


Sports handicapping service is a practice that originated from handicapping sports and games. The word handicap was drawn from the early lottery game dubbed as hand-in-cap wherein the competitors placed their bets in a cap. This practice is being exploited so as spectators can devise a method where they can actually forecast and calculate the possible outcome of a particular sporting bout.

Today, as an overview, sports handicapping service primarily deals with the assignment and designation of advantages granted on both sides to even out the probability of winning. Its basic logic tells us that a more experienced player is purposely discouraged so as the less experienced one make it possible to participate in the game while maintaining evenhandedness.

For everyone’s benefit, sports handicapping service practices the art of predicting the result of a contest where the purpose of risking a bet against the point spread is at stake. This is spread betting. This actually tells us that a favored team that goes home by less than that of the spread point is still considered as the winner of the game yet the bets on that team go down.

One of the prominent yet difficult sports wherein sports handicapping service is being carried out is in basketball. How? Here is the deal.

In the NBA where numerous factors are being considered, you should keep up with the trend and be very familiar with each team’s starters, bench supporting cast, coaches, current team standing and even up to injuries. It is a must that you watch the games regularly to clearly understand what went on the entire game. By just simply watching the game, you can eventually assess which players or teams do well in their stats.

When you handicap, always prepare to be wrong. This is inevitable. There are instances that you may nail a game and then your team is beating the spread of the entire game with no sweat. Yet before they call it a game, the other team just performed a head scratching late game heroics by burying significant buckets and you end up missing your pick.

Avoiding proposition bets is another key in sports handicapping service in basketball. These proposition bets are simply the individual player’s score, the end quarter scores and the likes. These propositions are too weak to invest in your bet. You should rather focus on other options other than the typical point spread. Be keen in analyzing both over and under totals. There is endless information that is accessible to derive your pick. Making the most of your efforts by just following these basic steps, you can be successful in handicapping.


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Sports Betting for the Novice – Betting College Basketball


The sports book is one of the busiest and most exciting areas in the casino. It is also one of the few areas where gamblers can go home a winner. However, there are several steps that must be mastered in order to be successful on a consistent basis.

Bet sizing, bankroll management, types of wagers (spread versus money line), basic knowledge of the sport you are wagering, and researching each game have been discussed in my previous articles. Today, the focus will be on betting college (NCAA)basketball games.

There are several factors to consider before risking your hard-earned money on a basketball game. These include whether to bet the spread or money line, where the game is played, determining which teams are playing well and which are not, and whether there are any key players unable to play because of injury.

Bet Types

There are two types of bets to consider, the spread and the money line.

The money line bet is preferable when betting the underdog. A money line bet might read “UCLA +$160 / Oregon -$180.” This means that for every $100 bet on UCLA, you win $160! However, if you bet the favored Oregon team, a $180 wager is required to win $100.

Betting on the Home Team

Always bet on the underdog that is playing a home game. Always. The home court advantage is very important in college basketball. However, if the money line is +$300 or more, don’t wager, because a line that large usually means a mismatch that is too difficult for the home team to overcome.

Who’s Playing Well?

Be certain the team in which you are placing your faith is playing well at home. Check their home scores for the season and if they haven’t won at least 60% of their games, it’s not worth your investment.

You will also want to check the road record of their opponent. If the opponent has won more than 35% of their games away from home, you don’t want to place a bet on this match.

Key Injuries

If you have found an underdog that is playing a home game, and their record and their opponent’s record both fall within the above parameters, and they are not more than a +$300 dog, the final piece of the puzzle is injuries.

If your team has recently lost a key player to injury, or your opponent has a key player returning, it’s a good reason to put your money back in your pocket.

By following this simple formula, coupled with proper bet sizing and bankroll management discussed in earlier articles, you should be a winning player when wagering on college basketball.

Good luck!


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Sports Betting 101- How to Bet on NBA Basketball


Basketball can be one of the tougher sports to handicap for novices, most believe that teams will perform the same (good or bad) in each outing because there are no weather concerns like those that exist in football, while it is indeed true that each basketball contest takes place indoors, most fail to realize how hard it is to play a sting of back to back to back games and especially if travel is involved, in this article we will look at the various factors that must be considered when handicapping NBA hoops.

Certain principles hold true no matter what sport you are handicapping, for example, injuries play a key role in any sporting event but plays a much bigger role in the NBA because they only have five starters on the hardwood versus 22 total starters on an NFL team and also have much less depth on their overall roster, this means that you really need to know the injury situation and who the backup player is before making a wager on an NBA game.

Another consideration is where the game will be played, home court is a much larger factor in the NBA than in the NFL, this comes into play when the home team is listed as the doggie and the visiting team has injuries or is in the midst of a three game or more road trip, keep in mind that road weary teams have tired legs and tired legs lose games in the final minutes.

The NBA is similar to the NFL in that fans also double as gamblers, this means that certain teams have a public following that will place wagers on them no matter what the posted point spread is, usually this can be exploited when this public team is playing at home and laying a bushel full of points to a divisional rival.

Always remember to “Line shop” for the best possible number on your team of choice in order to better enhance your chances of a winning wager, also, beware of laying the hook with road favorites and especially when key numbers are involved, a key number in the NBA is defined as any number which is a multiple of two, the reason why of course is because a basket is worth two points.

Never forget that a winning gambler is a hard working gambler, its best to stay one step ahead of the betting public by being more prepared than they are, this means that you need to know about bad scheduling situations, team chemistry problems, and injury concerns before the public, the information is readily available to everyone but its really an issue of who will go the extra mile by doing the research.


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