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Horse Race Betting Odds and Tote Board Angles


If you are new to horse racing or even if you’ve been going to the races for years, but still want to learn better ways to pick winners, here are a few angles based on odds that may help you. There are really people who can make a profit by watching the tote board and betting a certain way based on the odds, but rest assured there aren’t many of them and it is a very specialized skill. There are also people who can add large columns of 7 figure numbers in their heads, but that too is a very special skill. So unless you are a tote board savant, you probably aren’t going to get rich just betting based on odds.

Even though you won’t be able to look at the board and pick a winner every time, here is a way to pick more winners. First of all, the toteboard is a pretty accurate gauge of a horses true chances of winning. The only problem with that information is that it is a good estimate of the horses chances, but only after the last flash, which is when the race has already started and the tote is locked down, meaning no further bets.

Many people don’t realize it but about half of all the money wagered on a race isn’t totaled or figured in until the last click, which is too late for you to get a bet in. Therefore, here is a real important caveat, anything you see on the tote board is subject to change without notice. People who use the tote board odds and make money betting on horses also have to be good at spotting trends and knowing which way the odds will go, no small trick, believe me. In lay betting, this is a very important skill as well.

Here are some important angles that you should consider when looking at the tote board. First of all, the winner of most races is usually found in the top three betting choices. About 70% of races are won by a horse in the top three. In horse race betting there may be eight horses in the race that account for 100% of the pool, but the winner is probably in the top 38%. If you keep your bets in the top three horses, therefore, you have a better chance of winning, according to statistics.

Another angle people use when following the odds is to look for early money and late money. If a horse gets a lot of action as soon as the tote board flashes the odds for that race and then just before the race starts, the same horse is bet heavily again, even if it isn’t the favorite, it may mean the horse is live and insiders are trying to get their bets in before anyone realizes the horse is going for the win.


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Horse Racing Betting Profits and Systems Based On Tote Board Odds


It’s very difficult to make a profit betting on horse races because the market is self regulating. In other words, it adjusts to the conditions. The bettors set the odds in a pari-mutuel system and the public is very good at determining the chances of a horse winning a race. The reason you can’t make money betting on their top choice is simple.

The track has to take money out of the pari-mutuel pool in order to pay itself and the state. In a perfect world, the bettor who is as good as the rest of the crowd at picking winners will still come up short to the tune of whatever the takeout may be. So if the track is taking 17% from the win pool the bettor will lose 17% plus whatever the breakage may be.

In spite of this daunting setup some people still try to make a profit by using the odds on the board. To use those odds the would-be tote board analyst must have something to compare to and to determine that there is an irregularity or inconsistency. For instance, if he knows that the chances of Horse A winning are one out of three, and yet the horse is at 4-1, he has a winning bet.

Other than handicapping, however, what can he base that opinion on? The reason people turn to tote board betting systems is to avoid handicapping. Some people consider it a wise guy’s way of betting on horses. That may or may not be true, but one thing is certain, if you bet on horses that are at the right odds you’ll make a profit. The tote board player needs to know the probability of winning. The thing that usually determines that probability, or at least an indicator, is the odds, themselves.

If the odds will stay the same after the race starts and the betting pools are shut down you can use those odds to find a bargain in the show pool or win pool. Dr. Z and his tote board system proved that many years ago. The problem, however, is that those odds rarely stay fixed and there are other last minute bettors looking to exploit inconsistencies in the pools. While you’re making your place or show bet other tote board players are doing the same.

Other than finding those inconsistencies from one pool to the other I’d say the tote board is only useful as a tool is you use a good handicapping system to find a horse that is under-valued by the crowd.


Source by Bill Peterson