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Choosing an on-Line Bookmaker, Established Vs Newly Founded, Is There a Correct Choice?


Selecting an on-line bookmaker is very different to placing a bet on the high-street where there are only the usual two or three suspects scattered around. Online there are 100s if not 1,000s of bookmakers which for some can be overwhelming, especially considering the majority offer similar products which are identical or just repackaged.

When looking at the characteristics of the typical online user (wanting to place a bet) there are two distinctive types; Firstly those who are looking to sign-up for their first online account and secondly those who already have one or more, but are looking to sign-up for a new account to take advantage of free bet promotions that most bookmakers offer for new customers.

If you can be characterised as either of the above the first choice to make is whether to choose a well-known and long established or newer online bookmakers to place your bet with – this can be a bit of a conundrum. There are pros and cons to both, but in truth there is no right or wrong answer.

The well-known, long established bookmakers can offer a level of comfort that they aren’t going to disappear into the sunset with you money (not that newer bookmakers would or have a reputation for doing so). From experience their websites are normally well designed and easy to use with all the latest, and different, betting options, which typically include; sports, casino, poker, slots, live casino and on some sites (amazingly) the option to watch the match or race you are betting on live through their website. Sometimes all the different options can get in the way, especially if you just want to place a straight, good old fashioned, sports bet.

New lesser known bookmakers are popping up all the time and can also be a good option for your sports betting. Their sites are generally well designed and easy to use but in some cases can lack the choice of betting options and functionality of their more established counterparts. Some of the benefits they do offer, typically, to compete with the big boys are unique features, bigger free bet bonuses or better odds – helping to get them noticed and attract new sign-ups. However, not to be a scaremonger, it is worth checking before signing up that they were not set-up yesterday and have a bit of reputation.

The key to either of the above choices is to shop around and find a bookmaker which you feel comfortable with and offers good value for your sports bet. A good means to do this is to visit free bet review sites where you can find all the latest free bets and bookmaker reviews, to help you choose and maximise your return on investment.

It is also worth noting that if you want to make the most of betting money it is well worth opening sports betting accounts with more than one bookmaker, so a mix of both established and new bookmakers may be necessary. This is a good idea for a couple of reasons; first so that you can compare odds between the different bookmakers and go with the best value and secondly you can take advantage of more welcome sign-up promotions such as bookmakers matching your first deposit or offering free bets.


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Michael Eskander: Australian Bookmaker


Add the traditional element of rails bookmaking to the modern element represented by the Internet.

Where the two meet, you’re very likely to find Michael Eskander with one hand swinging the bag, and one hand clicking the mouse.

Wagering and the computer seem to represent a match made in heaven. With his corporate bookmaking entity, Betstar, Eskander and his family offer gamblers around the world the ability to wager on everything imaginable, including soccer, golf, football, motorsports, cricket, tennis, rugby league and more, offering punters both telephone and online horse betting services.

Before anyone had heard of the Internet, Eskander was a rails bookmaker who emigrated from Egypt in 1966 and spent the next 18 years in various industries before being granted his first bookmaker’s license in 1984, allowing him to field at tracks all across Australia.

Eskander will in most likelihood never completely abandon the rails for the computer punt. It would seem that the face-to-face aspect of the big bookie versus the high roller holds far too much attraction for him. Evidence the duels he staged with “Fast” Eddie Hayson, where he managed to dig a $300,000 pit for Hayson, which, incidentally it was alleged, required intervention by the Victorian Supreme Court in order for Eskander to collect on the obligation. At least he ended up with the cash and didn’t have to accept the somewhat dubious potential of an untried thoroughbred, which was the lot of the Waterhouses.

Nonetheless, Betstar has secured a place as one of the dominant online sports betting portals.

Michael and his son Alan were compelled to relocate Betstar operations to Darwin in 2007, when government bureaucrats in Victoria raised issues and placed restrictions on the Betstar operation that ultimately resulted in a turnover revenue and jobs loss tally estimated at $100 million annually fleeing Victoria and coming to rest in the Northern Territory.

Betstar offers unique and popular betting products involving the tote with a 5% bonus, top fluc and fixed odds wagering, along with a highly renowned Cups double wager for longshot lovers. It is even possible to wager on election outcomes and competitive eating competitions.

Eskander is a vocal proponent of regulation rather than prohibition, as it seems reasonable to expect, when it comes to the subject of gambling. His stance is that the overwhelming majority of punters are recreational and self controlled, so that the small minority that acts irresponsibly in a manner to bring disgrace to the sports betting industry needs to be managed out in the open as opposed to being forced underground. This would seem to represent a reasonable approach, even given Eskander’s obvious self interest in the topic, and anyone with any sense whatsoever of history well knows that total prohibition is a cure worse than the disease.

Eskander, through Betstar, cites the analogy of gambling and alcohol. Most Australians, he maintains, like to have a drink and do so responsibility, despite the small minority that overindulge.

Eskander’s additional involvement in politics extends to his role in the 2008 campaign that resulted in the lifting of the ban on advertising that had prevented bookmakers from the other states from advertising in Victoria and New South Wales. The end result of this action was the prospect of corporate sponsorship and large infusions of capital for major events.

His dominant position overall would seem one of pragmatic tones. The Internet is not going to go away; gambling is not going to go away. Much better, according to him, to regulate and generate tax revenues that would benefit society rather than drive that revenue underground, concentrating it in the criminal sector.

The Eskander family is a prime example of the opportunities offered by a society that is open and willing to embrace the future. Michael Eskander’s honouring of traditional rails bookmaking, despite the well-publicized occasional dust up with a Waterhouse now and again, along with son Alan and daughter Lisa’s foray into the future presented by the World Wide Web, place Australia in the vanguard of the effort to provide legitimate, above-board avenues for sports wagering.


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What Makes a Good Bookmaker?


If you are thinking about getting in to the business of online sports betting, the first question that you have probably had going through your mind is, "How do I get started?" Maybe you've even asked yourself where you should start. These are fine questions, but sooner or later, you will have to tackle the all important one, and it must be done before you wager your first dime. The question: what makes a good bookmaker? A bookmaker, or bookie, is someone who takes bets on events, usually sporting in nature. These bets can be simple win-loss bets, or they can get more complicated when factoring in points and odds. The important thing is that whoever you give your money to can be trusted. Along with this quality, here are some other factors that make a good bookmaker:

The bookmaker has your best interests at heart. If a bookmaker has your best interests at heart, especially in the online world, he will make the overall experience something that you can clearly follow with zero confusion. That means you will be able to see the available bets and act accordingly without having to pull out your hair.

The bookmaker offers incentives. There are a lot of online bookmakers that you can place your bet with, and this competition has benefited you and others greatly via the sportsbook bonus code and bookmaker sign up bonus. These can differ in what they actually mean to you. Some places give you a flat fee for signing up based on the amount that you deposit into your account. Others disperse based on percentage alone. Still others give you options. The point is a good bookmaker will show good faith in offering you his platform by making it worth your while before you've even placed the first bet.

The bookmaker has a good reputation among other sports betters. Ask around about someone if you're unsure. You don't have to look far to find someone, who has a strong opinion about their experience in this place or that. Listen to your peers and your gut. Was there a catch to the bookmaker sign up bonus? Did they have issues redeeming their sportsbook bonus code? Were options limited as to what you could bet? And if winnings were involved, how promptly were these paid out? These are all essential questions to ask before you get your own money involved. Learn from the experience of others to cut out the possibility of fraud, vulnerability, and disappointment.

A sportsbook bonus code or bookmaker sign up bonus make great incentives – in fact, these days just consider them essential. But they're not worth a dime if you can't first trust your bookmaker. Work on that first, and you will reap greater rewards in the end.


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