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The Big 3 Factors in Choosing a Sports Handicapper


Are you a sports fan who likes to bet on his favorite team? Are you a casual bettor or do you bet on sports seriously? For casual bettors who enjoy plopping down a few bucks on a game of interest, there is not so much a need to pay for a professional service that provides betting advice. It’s just a little money on an interesting game, and it makes spectating a little more enjoyable. But for those individuals who take their sports betting seriously, they may want to consider hiring a sports handicapping service.

In many cases, it can make sense to hire a handicapping service, but you need to understand exactly what you are paying for. You’re not hiring the handicapper (also known as “capper”), for some additional counsel. They shouldn’t be viewed as just another opinion. If you are going to pay handicappers, then you should take their tips and bet them accordingly. Picking and choosing which bets to play may not be the best strategy.

So let us assume you have made the decision to hire a capper because you are serious about making money in the world of sports betting. What should you look for in your search? Although there are many similarities in the various cappers, there are also some differences as well. In this article we will review three of the most important considerations.

Look for an Experienced Handicapper

There is an old saying that there is no substitute for experience and that is very true in the world of sports handicapping. Make no mistake that capping sports games successfully takes a lot of hard work. There are many variables to consider and these guys need time in the business to really figure out how to do their jobs effectively. That usually involves many years in the business. Thus, look for a handicapper with at least ten years of solid experience handicapping sports.

Find a Handicapper Who Posts Results Publicly

In the business of sports betting, there are many handicappers who prefer to keep their identities and results private. That may serve their own needs well, but for me, I want to know who I am hiring and what their track record for successful capping has been. Look for someone who isn’t afraid of being transparent, if not with their identity, at least with their results. It is common knowledge that even the top handicappers are only successful 55-60% of the time. Make sure the handicapper has a success rate of a minimum of 55%, so that you can bet profitably over the long run. After all, you are paying him for his expertise and he should therefore be willing to own up to all of his picks.

Ensure the Pricing Structure Fits into Your Budget

The bottom line in professional sports betting is making money. The bookmaker must get paid. The handicapper must get paid, and you, the bettor, wants to get paid too. Before you hire a handicapper, make sure you have a complete understanding of his prices. Are you paying for a subscription? If so, how long does it last, and is the renewal rate the same? Calculate the handicapper’s fees into your formula to determine how successful you need to be to profitable. Higher priced handicappers are more suited for the bigger bettors.


Who is the best sports handicapper? The answer may surprise you. There are quite a few good ones out there. If you choose one that has been capping for at least ten years, posts their results publicly, and has a fair pricing structure, then you have done your homework and are ready to dive into sports betting with a good partner.


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Choosing an on-Line Bookmaker, Established Vs Newly Founded, Is There a Correct Choice?


Selecting an on-line bookmaker is very different to placing a bet on the high-street where there are only the usual two or three suspects scattered around. Online there are 100s if not 1,000s of bookmakers which for some can be overwhelming, especially considering the majority offer similar products which are identical or just repackaged.

When looking at the characteristics of the typical online user (wanting to place a bet) there are two distinctive types; Firstly those who are looking to sign-up for their first online account and secondly those who already have one or more, but are looking to sign-up for a new account to take advantage of free bet promotions that most bookmakers offer for new customers.

If you can be characterised as either of the above the first choice to make is whether to choose a well-known and long established or newer online bookmakers to place your bet with – this can be a bit of a conundrum. There are pros and cons to both, but in truth there is no right or wrong answer.

The well-known, long established bookmakers can offer a level of comfort that they aren’t going to disappear into the sunset with you money (not that newer bookmakers would or have a reputation for doing so). From experience their websites are normally well designed and easy to use with all the latest, and different, betting options, which typically include; sports, casino, poker, slots, live casino and on some sites (amazingly) the option to watch the match or race you are betting on live through their website. Sometimes all the different options can get in the way, especially if you just want to place a straight, good old fashioned, sports bet.

New lesser known bookmakers are popping up all the time and can also be a good option for your sports betting. Their sites are generally well designed and easy to use but in some cases can lack the choice of betting options and functionality of their more established counterparts. Some of the benefits they do offer, typically, to compete with the big boys are unique features, bigger free bet bonuses or better odds – helping to get them noticed and attract new sign-ups. However, not to be a scaremonger, it is worth checking before signing up that they were not set-up yesterday and have a bit of reputation.

The key to either of the above choices is to shop around and find a bookmaker which you feel comfortable with and offers good value for your sports bet. A good means to do this is to visit free bet review sites where you can find all the latest free bets and bookmaker reviews, to help you choose and maximise your return on investment.

It is also worth noting that if you want to make the most of betting money it is well worth opening sports betting accounts with more than one bookmaker, so a mix of both established and new bookmakers may be necessary. This is a good idea for a couple of reasons; first so that you can compare odds between the different bookmakers and go with the best value and secondly you can take advantage of more welcome sign-up promotions such as bookmakers matching your first deposit or offering free bets.


Source by Will C Myles