Enigma is considered the King of all Armors in PvP (Player vs. Player) play. It requires an extremely rare Rune (Jah) to make, but it offers all non-Sorceress characters to use that most treasured of Skills for PvP: Teleport.  It is a crucial Skill for many PvP builds, but especially so for Paladins who use the Blessed Hammer Skill as their primary attack (commonly referred to as Hammerdins). Paladins who use the Smite Skill (commonly referred to as Smiters) also find Enigma an attractive armor, due to the +2 to All Skills.


Body Armor with 3 sockets

Runes (in order): Jah + Ith + Ber

The Stats:

Level Requirement: 65

+2 To All Skills

+45% Faster Run/Walk

+1 To Teleport

+750-775 Defense

+ (0.75 Per Character Level) +0-74 To Strength (Based On Character Level)

Increase Maximum Life 5%

Damage Reduced By 8%

+14 Life After Each Kill

15% Damage Taken Goes To Mana

+ (1 Per Character Level) +1-99% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items (Based On Character Level)

+2 To All Skills

Only 2 Runewords that are used in Body Armor have +2 to All Skills and that is Chains of Honor and Enigma.

+2 to All Skills is an attractive mod to caster and melee characters alike, but it is arguably the most useful to Paladins who use the Smite Skill for their primary attack, due to fact that Ttere are only two ways a Smiter can increase the damage done by their Smite skills: + Damage (numerical value) modifier, or by a + To All Skills modifier. + To All Skill modifiers add more levels to the following Paladin Skills, all of which are used by Smiters to increase their damage potential: Smite, Holy Shield and Fanaticism Aura. Therefore, it is no wonder that items with the + To All Skill modifier is attractive to Smiters.

+45% Faster Run/Walk

An essential mod for PvP play as it allows your character to run and walk faster.

+1 To Teleport

This is the superstar mod of the Enigma Runeword.

Teleport is a Skill from the Sorceress’ Lightning Spells Skill tree. It allows the user to teleport anywhere within their immediate vicinity. It can be used to escape from tough monsters, to traverse across a level at a very rapid pace.

It’s plain to see why this Skill is so useful for Diablo 2 players who engage in PvP: you can catch your opponent by surprise by Teleporting directly on top of them and unleash your most vicious attacks and obliterate them within seconds.

Nowhere is this more apparent than with Hammerdins.

Paladins who use the Blessed Hammer Skill usually have two other skills maxed out as well: Blessed Aim and Vigor, both which are synergistic Skills for Blessed Hammer, and increase Blessed Hammer’s damage to incredible figures. Add to that the fact that no one is immune to the magic damage caused by the hammers (except for one monster in the whole game), and you have a very powerful build for both PvM (Players vs Monsters) and PvP.

With Hammerdins though, they have to aim their Hammers properly. If they make even a small mistake, the Hammers’ arc might not hit the target, leaving the Hammerdin vulnerable to a counter-attack. This is hard to when they are covering the distance towards their intended target.

With the ability to Teleport, however, they can just teleport to the space above their target (not directly on top, but an optimized distance based on the arc of the Hammers), and unleash their Hammers, which will decimate their opponent in one or two hits.

Damage Reduced By 8%

Many players try to put on at least one item that has % Physical damage resistance, for the very good reason that it reduces the damage received from successful attacks.

+14 Life After Each Kill

This mod is very good for characters that can kill lots of monsters in a short period of time. The aforementioned Hammerdin excels in this, and thus benefits a lot from this mod.

+ (1 Per Character Level) +1-99% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items (Based On Character Level)

On top of all the amazing mods mentioned above, Enigma also comes with a level-dependant bonus to MF, making it not only good for PvP, but MF Runs as well.


Any player who takes their PvP game seriously will want to invest in this armor. While it may require a very expensive Rune, Jah, the ability to teleport is well worth it. Obviously, Sorceresses might not find it as useful, but the bonus Life after each kill and Faster Run/Walk boost can make this an attractive armor for them as well. Smiters who engage in PvP might enjoy Enigma as well, for the +2 to All Skills, but if they prefer the PvM game, they usually choose Call to Honor, due to the incredible boosts to Resist afforded by that Runeword.


Source by Dan Massicotte