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Famous Baseball Family of Barry Bonds Includes Willie Mays, Reggie Jackson, and Bobby Bonds


Barry Bonds is a polarizing figure in the world of sports as he has received arguably more attention for his off the field scandals which include reported steroid abuse than the historic statistics that he has put up on the baseball diamond. The family life of Barry Bonds is particularly interesting to casual fans of the sport of baseball because from an early age the young man that seemingly was destined for fame was tied to famous names in the sport of baseball through family relationships.

Barry Bonds, born in 1964, is the son of three time all-star outfields Bobby Bonds. Bobby Bonds was an American celebrity in his own right as a noteworthy player for numerous Major League Baseball teams throughout his professional baseball career that spanned from 1968-1981. While playing for teams in large markets that included New York City, Chicago, San Francisco, Dallas, and Southern California the most famous teammate that Bobby Bonds played alongside was the legendary Willie Mays.

As a right fielder in for the Giants, Bobby Bonds patrolled the outfield next to center fielder Willie Mays during the twilight of Mays’ career. When Bobby asked his good friend Willie Mays to be the godfather to his then young son Barry Willie gladly accepted, thus further cementing the notoriety of this baseball family. As an aside it is also topical to briefly mention that Barry Bonds is a distant cousin of Reggie Jackson, who is better known as Mr. October in certain circles due to his clutch performances in post season play.

Many people do not realize that Barry Bonds is not the only son of Bobby Bonds to put on a professional baseball uniform. Barry actually has a younger brother named Bobby Bonds Junior was spent a number of years in the minor leagues but was never able to get himself called up to the big leagues. Bobby Bonds Junior is nearly six years younger than his older brother Barry. During an 11 year minor league career Bobby Bonds Junior bounced around to numerous teams and had moments of glory but was never able to successfully parlay his minor league efforts into any sort of Major League Baseball career with even a fraction of the success enjoyed by his brother Barry or father Bobby Bonds Senior.

Despite the early promise that Barry Bonds showed as a naturally gifted young athlete baseball historians would have been hard pressed to guess that Barry had any conceivable chance of surpassing the accomplishes of his relatives Willie Mays and Reggie Jackson, or for that matter his own father Bobby Bonds. Regardless of diverging opinions on implications of alleged performance enhancing drug use by Barry Bonds there is no arguing that he was the most dominant baseball player of his era.


Source by Sam Noffs

MLB Draft Features Family Members of Front Office Personnel


Major League Baseball’s 2015 draft featured a name that has already set a record for the sport. Milwaukee selected a player whose name contains 32 letters, by far the longest ever chosen in the draft.

The new member of the Brewer organization is Oluwademilade Oluwadimola Orimoloye, an outfielder taken in the second round. Should he progress and work his way up the big leagues, Orimoloye will become the first African-born player to ever suit up for an MLB team.

While it might take a while for ballpark announcers to become familiar with the pronunciation of Orimoloye, they should find themselves quite comfortable with the names of many of the other players from this year’s draft. A handful of them are sons of former big leaguers, which has been quite common in drafts of the past.

What is unique about 2015, however, is the number of draftees who are close relatives of people working for the administrations of various teams. Here is a list of just over a dozen drafted players who are the offspring of front office directors, managers, or scouts for Major League clubs.

Tucker Ward, right handed pitcher

Taken by Arizona in the 40th Round, this draftee is the son of Diamondbacks scout Turner Ward.

Jake Pries, outfielder

Baltimore used the 37th round to draft the grandson of Don Pries, former scout and director of player personnel for the Orioles.

Jack Graham, second baseman

One round after snagging Pries, Baltimore went with the son of current farm director Brian Graham.

Tate Matheny, outfielder

If all goes well, this Boston fourth round pick will have a World Series battle against his father, St. Louis manager Mike Matheny.

Nick Lovullo, shortstop

Boston selected this son of bench coach Tory Lovullo in the 34th round.

Cody Staab, outfielder

The Chicago White Sox used the 38th round to pick the son of scout Keith Staab.

Joseph Reinsdorf, second baseman

The grandson of owner Jerry Reinsdorf went to the White Sox in the 40th round.

Tyler Nevin, third baseman

Colorado’s 15th round selection is the son of Arizona Triple A manager Phil Nevin, a former big leaguer remembered for his power and his unusual batting stance.

Cam Gibson, outfielder

The son of former Arizona manager Kirk Gibson should feel right at home in Detroit, which selected him in the fifth round.

Sean Miller, shortstop

In the tenth round, Minnesota landed this son of a Houston scout with the same name.

Tyler Williams, outfielder

Minnesota also chose the son of Twins scout Ted Williams, who was taken in the 26th round.

Drew Finley, right handed pitcher

The son of Padres director of player personnel Dave Finley went to the New York Yankees in the third round.

Dante Ricciardi, shortstop

The Seattle Mariners took the son of Mets front office executive J.P. Ricciardi in the 39th round.

Mattingly Romanin, second baseman

Toronto’s round 39t choice is the son of the Blue Jays manager of baseball operations, Mal Romanin.


Source by Doug Poe