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Sports Handicapping Services Gear Up for Pro Football and College Football


Every business has a peak season, even businesses that the average person does not think about on a regular basis. For sports handicapping services, that peak season is right around the corner. Pro football and college football drive the sports betting industry and the handicappers that live off that industry. Handicappers around the country and online are waiting in breathless anticipation of the upcoming football season.

You may be wondering how businesses can legally sell sports picks when sport betting is illegal in most states. That's easy. Sports handicapping services sell only their opinion of who is going to win a game based on the current odds. The handicappers do not take bets so they are only selling information about sports. In fact, they are very similar to all the services that help people with their fantasy football teams. They simply sell their research and information about a topic they are interested in. Think of them like your stock broker. You could pick your stock portfolio yourself, but are you more likely to make money if you take professional advice? These handicappers put in time and effort to make sure their clients have the best chance to win.

To get ready for the pro football season that starts on August 5th handicapping services are planning their advertising, researching injury updates and paying attention to every detail that relates to the NFL in any way. To you or I the news that some obscure lineman is holding out in Green Bay might mean nothing, but to a handicapping service company, this may be the tidbit of information that leads to a winning prediction in week 1. Then by selling that pro football Winner, their customers may buy a full season of pro football picks from their service or site.

These hard working handicapping services don't just wait for the regular season. According to TodaysPicks, the pro football preseason is the best value in betting. So if you are anxious to try out a sports handicapping service, no need to wait for pro or college football to get into their regular games. You can start buying football picks or packages as early as right now for the upcoming season.

Who would have thought that sports betting could have spawned an entire niche market on the internet? The sports handicapping services even have police, the Handicappingpolice.com that is. So not only are their sports handicappers, but sports handicapping monitors that keep track of the handicappers to see if they win or lose. This will help you determine who the good online handicapping sites are and who is a Scamdicapper as this article explains.

If you want to win your office football poll, maybe buying a season long football handicapping package is the way to go. All your office mates will think you are a football genius when they see your picks each week, but you will have the knowledge of a true professional, a handicapping consultant behind each and every one of your picks. Who knows, if you win a couple weeks of your office poll it may pay for your handicapping services completely. Then you will know that you found a good handicapper and not the dreaded SCAMdicapper!


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Quick Guide on Sports Handicapping Services in Basketball


Sports handicapping service is a practice that originated from handicapping sports and games. The word handicap was drawn from the early lottery game dubbed as hand-in-cap wherein the competitors placed their bets in a cap. This practice is being exploited so as spectators can devise a method where they can actually forecast and calculate the possible outcome of a particular sporting bout.

Today, as an overview, sports handicapping service primarily deals with the assignment and designation of advantages granted on both sides to even out the probability of winning. Its basic logic tells us that a more experienced player is purposely discouraged so as the less experienced one make it possible to participate in the game while maintaining evenhandedness.

For everyone’s benefit, sports handicapping service practices the art of predicting the result of a contest where the purpose of risking a bet against the point spread is at stake. This is spread betting. This actually tells us that a favored team that goes home by less than that of the spread point is still considered as the winner of the game yet the bets on that team go down.

One of the prominent yet difficult sports wherein sports handicapping service is being carried out is in basketball. How? Here is the deal.

In the NBA where numerous factors are being considered, you should keep up with the trend and be very familiar with each team’s starters, bench supporting cast, coaches, current team standing and even up to injuries. It is a must that you watch the games regularly to clearly understand what went on the entire game. By just simply watching the game, you can eventually assess which players or teams do well in their stats.

When you handicap, always prepare to be wrong. This is inevitable. There are instances that you may nail a game and then your team is beating the spread of the entire game with no sweat. Yet before they call it a game, the other team just performed a head scratching late game heroics by burying significant buckets and you end up missing your pick.

Avoiding proposition bets is another key in sports handicapping service in basketball. These proposition bets are simply the individual player’s score, the end quarter scores and the likes. These propositions are too weak to invest in your bet. You should rather focus on other options other than the typical point spread. Be keen in analyzing both over and under totals. There is endless information that is accessible to derive your pick. Making the most of your efforts by just following these basic steps, you can be successful in handicapping.


Source by Gary Rivera

Greyhound Handicapping – Are You on a Losing Streak?


No matter how good you are at handicapping, sooner or later you end up on a losing streak. It’s really discouraging when you do what’s worked for you before and it doesn’t work now. You begin to question your skill at picking dogs and wonder if you’ll ever pick a winner again. Unless you’ve radically changed what’s worked in the past, you will pick winners again. But it may take a while, and some changes, to get back into your stride.

When I hit a bunch of losing races, the first thing I do is take a break. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, you can’t just immerse yourself in the dog races without coming up for some fresh air once in awhile. You get stale if you don’t have some other interests in your life, something to balance the strain of going over programs and the stress of betting money on your own judgment calls.

Sometimes, losing streaks can come about when you move away from logic toward impulse. Are you picking dogs with a good handicapping factors, but then betting other dogs on the spur of the moment? Or, are you betting dogs you pick with a good handicapping method, but then “covering them” with “insurance bets” just in case they don’t come in? This is one fast way to lose money and pick winners, while losing at the same time. That’s not something you want to do, because it makes you feel like a fool.

If you’re spending more money on a race than your bets can reasonably recoup, it’s time to stop and take a look at your methods. Sit down somewhere quiet with a cup of coffee – preferably decaf – and really think about how you’ve been betting lately. Are you spreading your bets all over the place? Are you betting on races you don’t have strong feelings about, just because you want to have something going every race?

Are you aware of how much money you’re spending – and losing – at the track? Or are you kind of glossing over it so you won’t feel so bad about how much you’ve thrown away lately on bad bets that you didn’t think about too thoroughly first? Maybe what you need is a fresh start. Maybe, it’s time to change the way you operate before you blow your whole bankroll.

One good way that I’ve found to do this is to take a break for a few days. Then, go to the track on a day when there’s a good program. Take a smallish amount of CASH with you. No credit or debit cards or any other source of money. Just cash. Pick out the dogs you want to bet on and bet them the minute you walk into the track. Then, get yourself something eat and drink and sit down and watch the races.

Don’t get up except to go to the bathroom or leave the track. No outside bets, insurance bets or bets because “the 7 dog looks really good” and someone tells you it’s a lead pipe cinch. Just watch the races and collect your money and go home. If you lose every bet, at least you didn’t spend more money than you planned to spend. Sometimes, it’s more important to do what you promised yourself you’d do – to show some self-discipline – than it is to win money.

Do this a few times and you might get into a winning frame of mind again, where you’re picking dogs and betting them with smart money management – and winning. Do this as a regular routine and you might just find that – on more trips than not – you go home from the track a winner and losing streaks are few and far between.


Source by Eb Netr

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