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When Are Major Horse Racing Events Scheduled To Return?

If it’s not already trademarked, Alex Waldrop should consider it. “We were the original sports bet. We’re still here. And we’re still going strong.” And with COVID-19 keeping sports contested by humans off their fields of play, the chief executive officer of the National Thoroughbred Racing Association earnestly hopes one of the United States’ original …

Gambling News

Coronavirus Slamming Major Vegas, Macau Casino Stocks

The country has quickly fallen into a panic as the coronavirus continues to spread. Shoppers are cleaning out stores while wrapped head to toe in plastic; schools and businesses are shutting down. Even the future of the Olympics and March Madness has come into question. Pro leagues have issued memos to franchises with ideal ways to interact with …

Sports Betting

How To Rate An Major League Baseball MLB Pitcher

There are many different ways of measuring a pitcher’s effectiveness. Earned Run Average is a popular method, as is walks + hits divided by innings pitched (WHIP). While those may carry some weight for baseball fans, they don’t necessarily have much merit for baseball bettors, who are solely concerned with which team wins the game. …