Successful handicappers I have met have much in common with each other. These main characteristics and distinguish the winners from the 99% losers.

Firstly, it should be noted that such players trust themselves and their opinion. That means that they are capable of analyzing other peoples’ opinion, criticizing and not being influenced by it.

At the same time, they have such quality as “eternal student”: they constantly learn. Opinion of a professional player about the theory of handicapping and management is dynamic and subject to change. He does whatever, but does not stand still. He could easily revise even its own foundations if they are questionable or getting older create a lot of questions. He learns something from anyone, at any time. It is open to debate and is always in the learning process.

A well-known professional gambler Lem Benker – is an excellent example of such a player. I saw him attentively listening to crap, when one guy talked about how to bet “right”. And Lem was not just being kind in terms of etiquette, listening to him. He really listened, and listened attentively, trying to discover something new.

Another important point that you should note: among the high profile players there is such thing as professional attitude. They do not lose their head after a disaster – losing the series, they don’t wave their hands and dance salsa, after an outstanding victory. Periodically, they they have such results as 0-8 (win-lose), but long experience has taught them that these days are normal and they are part of the picture, as well as the outcome as a victory 10-0. Professional players do not pay attention to short-term results: they are focused on obtaining long-term profits.


Source by Aleksandrs Sorokins