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Pick 3 Horse Racing Tips and Betting Strategy


While I am often heard warning my fellow horse racing handicappers to avoid low priced runners (any horse going off at less than 2-1 odds) there is a situation when I feel it is a good horse betting strategy to wager on a horse going off at short odds. Horse racing tips may leave you cold, but this is not a tip on a specific horse but rather a situation to look for when playing the pick 3.

As I am sure you know, the pick 3 is an exotic bet that requires picking the winner of three consecutive races. Here is a situation I look for when I find a horse going off at a short price that I have spent some time handicapping and want to make a profit for the time I’ve invested handicapping the race. If you locate a horse that looks like it has a better than average chance of winning a race, but is going off at low odds, try to play it as one leg in a pick 3.

The ideal conditions are to have a horse that lays over the field in one race and then two very contentious races that make up the rest of the bet. A typical situation might be your short priced favorite in the first race. In the next race, there are 6 starters and each seems to have a chance to win. In the final leg of the pick 3 there are 8 runners, but only four seem to have legitimate chance to win.

Your bet would look like this…

in the first leg you key on the favorite whom you like to win


In the second leg you wheel all six horses


and in the final leg you key on the four horses that you think are contenders


The bet will cost you $48 based on a $2 pick 3 bet and will cover 24 possible combinations. The fact that you have some long priced horses in your bet will provide a nice payoff if the favorite should happen to falter in either leg of the bet and that is likely to happen.

Of course, there are no sure things in life, but keying on a horse that lays over the field and using this betting strategy allows you to take advantage of an opportunity that might have been missed if you only place win bets and limit your bets to horses starting at 2-1 or better. This simple system has worked well for me as long as I make sure my horse that I single on is a rock solid bet.


Source by Bill Peterson

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Free NBA Betting Tips – How to Select the Best NBA Pick


The NBA has emerged out to be a perfect source for betting. Due to its increased popularity, many new teams are also registered under the NBA tag. Since there are many teams and some of them are definitely champions, one can bet on different teams under some particular conditions. If you want to earn an extra amount of cash then you can do this with the help of betting. Numerous newcomers start betting on different websites without realizing the fact that NBA betting needs some strategies and techniques to be acquainted with. The reason is simply because many special steps are followed and many decisions are made in the selection of the best possible pick. If you are not going to follow these special steps and decisions then your betting could not proceed in the coming future. In addition, you cannot get much benefit out of the betting and cannot excel in the future as well.

There are many tips and tricks that could be really helpful to you if you are new in this game. Some free NBA tips that you should have to consider while betting on a particular or your preferred pick are summed up as follows:

The position of each player must be known. You should have the proper knowledge of each player and the team that you are going to bet on. It is a very serious matter as most of the newcomers neglect this issue. Internet and newspapers are the best sources for you to get the latest news on your preferred players and teams. If you are confused, you can have shinning players and champion teams in your mind before betting.

The popularity of each player and team does matter a lot. Make sure that the team or player that you are going to bet on having acceptable popularity all over the world. Teams and players with low popularity could make trouble in your overall betting process.

Smart bets are preferably better. It would be perfect and clever if you bet on your selected teams that have a very appreciable history and present. If you have selected some teams then it would be very easy for you make a chronological list starting with the best ranked pick and going to your preferred team in the last. So, you can make an easy decision in choosing you’re most preferred pick. The overall formula is that the less the teams the most probable will be your chance of choosing a great pick.

Keep the NBA part in your mind. If you want to have a successful betting season, all you need is to make sure that you are focusing on the NBA part. The latter part of the NBA is supposed to be the best season or session for you to bet on your pick. Why this is so? Actually, it is because in the latter part of NBA seasons, every player and team try to give the best performance and get the best results out of it.


Source by Moez Ahmed

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Free Sports Pick – Are They Really Usable in Sports Betting?


Haven't we been told that you get what you pay for? I have heard that many times. So if its true that would make a free sports pick well, worthless. Right?

Quite the opposite is true. A free sports pick is not worthless at all. But …….

I knew it. There is always a but.

The truth about a free sports pick is that it's only as good as its user. Let's take a closer look at what is really going on with sports betting.

When you wager on a sporting event there is most likely a 50/50 chance that either outcome could happen. For example if the Bears are playing the Lions and the Lions are +7 that means the event has been handicapped so that it's a 50/50 chance either outcome can happen because of the point spread put in place.

And let's say the free sports pick you received was to take the Lions +7. It may or may not end up being correct, but the outcome alone does not define the free sports pick's worth. How it's used and over what time period does.

As a fellow sports bettor just realize the free sports pick over time will be correct 45-55% of the time and that's what you need to focus on. Assuming you are using good bankroll management and have a set plan, those picks just need to be paired with a proven betting system and over time will be profitable ten fold.

That's right with a proven betting system you can use free sports picks that win as low as 40% of the time and still come out ahead.

The pick alone is worthless, especially if you put your entire week's paycheck on that pick and it lays a dud for you. But as a sports bettor you need to take a look at sports betting as an investment and set up a plan to follow that allows you to reach your desired return on that investment. Even using a free sports pick provider.


Source by Paige Knudtson

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