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Need For LA:Middle Infielders More Need Than Half A Season To Work Together Into A Championship Team


All throughout the world of baseball, writers and pundits are applauding the acquisitions of the Dodgers. At the trade deadline Los Angeles landed two veteran All-Stars to improve their middle infield, hoping that this duo would lead last year’s National League Champs to their first World Series title since 1986.

Brian Dozier, who recently set a record for home runs by a second baseman, came to the West Coast in a deal with the Minnesota Twins. Just the day before, Los Angeles made a transaction to get slugging shortstop Manny Machado from the Baltimore Orioles.

Most likely those acquisitions will help the offense of the Dodgers, but they could very well negatively affect what happens on the diamond. Both Machado and Dozier have more than proven their defensive skills, having won several Gold Gloves between them.

However, baseball history seems to indicate that middle infielders need a lot of time playing together before they can win it all. A look back at the most recent Novembers provides insight into just how important it is that the second baseman and shortstop spend more than simply a few months together.

Last year Houston had the phenomenal pair of Jose Altuve and Carlos Correa, who have been playing side by side for an extended period. Twelve months before the Cubs had youngsters Javier Baez and Addison Russell, who had become acclimated to one another the previous season.

The year before veterans Omar Infante and Alcides Escobar looked after the middle of the diamond for a second straight season, helping the Kansas City Royals to their first World Series title in thirty years. The connected middle infield, combined with a superb and deep bullpen, took the Series from the New York Mets.

That tandem had come close in 2014, when the Royals won the pennant but lost to the Giants in the Fall Classic. San Francisco’s middle infielders had only been together since just before the All Star break, rookie Joe Panik getting called up to the Big Leagues to take over second base in late June.

Fortunately for the Giants, they had a veteran Gold Glove winner at shortstop to help his young double play partner get acclimated. Brandon Crawford more than fulfilled that role, having already played on San Francisco championship teams in 2010 and 2012.

For additional evidence of the importance of a well -connected shortstop and second baseman, one can look back even further. In the Nineties the Yankees dominated the baseball postseason, anchored by shortstop Derek Jeter and his double play partner Chuck Knoblauch.

How about the decade before that? The Detroit Tigers teams of the Reagan Era enjoyed the luxury of having Alan Trammell and Lou Whitaker playing side by side, highlighted by a World Series title in 1984. In the Seventies the Big Red Machine was driven by having shortstop Dave Concepcion and second baseman Joe Morgan for extended seasons, culminating in back to back championships in 1975 and 1976.

You can find many more examples in the annals of baseball, but do you know what is much harder to find? The answer is a single team that has gone on to win the World Series after having replaced both shortstop and second base in the middle of the season, which is what the Dodgers are hoping to accomplish this year.

Dozier did hit a home run in each of his first two games with Los Angeles, and Machado collected four hits. Baseball history, however, seems to suggest that the newcomers will need more than two months together to carry their team to the ultimate goal.


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Regular Season Game Before The All-Star Break Points Out Current Problems Ignored By MLB Officials


In a very clear way, the 2018 All-Star game in Washington D.C. last week was representative of the current state of the sport of baseball. The ten home runs hit set an all-time record for the Midsummer Classic, nearly twice as many as the previous high of six.

That long ball production is indicative of the season, which is on pace to see more home runs than any other year in baseball ‘s long history. That statistic is not the only record that will be eclipsed in 2018, and the All-Star game reflected that as well.

Players are striking out twenty five percent of the time now, a frequency that will result in a record number of strikeouts in 2018. It came as no surprise then that the pitchers in the Midsummer Classic fanned twenty five batters in total.

Just as that highly promoted contest highlighted the sport’s reliance on the homerun and the strike out, it was another game a week earlier that served as a microcosm of some of baseball’s biggest problems. Commissioner Rob Manfred and the officials around the sport would rather ignore that game, which would be easy to do considering how few people actually saw it.

The Tampa Bay Rays played the Marlins in Miami on July Third, an intrastate battle that should have created all kinds of excitement in the home of Spring Training and three pennants. To underscore the serious attendance problem baseball has had there for over two decades, only six thousand people were in attendance.

The game itself went sixteen innings, dragged on almost six hours, and featured forty four different batters between the two clubs. Eighteen different pitchers took the mound, in addition to the three others who were called up on to pinch hit and or play a position at some point during the Sunshine State Bore-a-thon.

When it finally ended, an estimated two hundred fans remained in the seats. Miami’s front office rewarded those few loyal souls by handing out two free tickets to each one.

A better gift for them, and most other baseball fans, would be for the sport to adapt the extra innings rule started in the Minors this year. If tied after nine innings, each team starts the extra frame with a runner on second. That situation would almost guarantee that a game would be decided long before the sixteen innings it took before Tampa Bay finally beat Miami.

Besides reinforcing the fact that games are too long, that night also exposed another issue that plagues the sport. It must force the National League to adopt the designated hitter rule.

Because they were playing at Miami, the Rays had to allow their pitchers to hit. This stipulation might not be a new problem for the starting pitchers, who have been used to getting at least one plate appearance in an inter league game on the road.

However, having to bat poses a real problem for the multitude of relievers on the staff, for most of them never swing a club all season. What can happen when they are forced into such a role, is exactly what happened to a Tampa reliever that night.

Left hander Vidal Nuna injured a hamstring while running to first base after hitting a grounder, causing him to be placed on the ten day disabled list. The injury would never have occurred had baseball enforced a universal DH rule, and it also might have been avoided had the extra innings rule been used at the Big League level instead of just the Minors.


Source by Doug Poe

Why Betting the Favorites Will Leave You Broke This Baseball Season


Well it's early April and for sports fans that can only mean one thing: The boys of summer are back and America's favorite pastime is just getting underway. This is the time of year that the marathon known as the Major League Baseball season commences until a World Series winner is crowned at the end of October or early November.

Not only is it exciting for the fans, as they cheer on their favorite teams, but for sports betting professionals, the start of the baseball season offers another profitable sports betting opportunity. Although baseball doesn't get as much action as let's say the more popular sports like football or basketball, it can be the most profitable and one that should not be overlooked if you want to make money from sports wagering.

Although I mention that betting on baseball can be profitable, you still need to proceed with caution. There are still a ton of people that lose a lot of money season after season with their baseball bets, but it's largely due to the fact that they don't know what they are doing.

So Why Are They Losing?

There are probably several reasons, but in my opinion it's because they are placing the wrong bets. When it comes to betting on traditional sports such as football or basketball, you are betting against the spread. So it really doesn't matter whether you bet on the favorite or the underdog, the price you are paying is typically -110 and your team just needs to cover the point spread. With spread betting, you need to win more than 52.7% and you will show profit.

When betting on baseball, there is no point spread, so instead the use a money line. Although it is easier to pick the winners, sometimes the heave favorites can cost you a small fortune when they lose, and they will lose from time to time. Let's have a closer look at how these numbers work out.

If you were to only bet on heavy favorites this season at average odds of -200, then your breakeven number would be 66.7%. Sure you would probably end up winning more games than you lost, but even if you won 2 / 3rd's of your games you will show a loss for the season.

On the other side of the coin, if you were to find valuable under dogs at average odds of +200 you would only need to win a little bit more than 1 / 3rd of your games to still show some profit as season's end. Just remember good teams lose and bad teams win. Good Luck!


Source by Shawn Konig

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Best NBA Betting System on the Planet – Win Rate of 97% on NBA Games This Season!


Whether it is NBA basketball, MLB baseball or even the hardest sport to bet on in NFL football, finding just decent win rates of betting systems is extremely hard, that is until I found the best betting system on the planet!

Imagine if you could win 97% of your bets on NBA games, the potential with a win rate like that is almost limitless, but it is true, it can be done.

Believe me, I was just as skeptical as you may be right now and maybe you think I am full of it and honestly, I don’t blame you, I would most likely be the same way, but it’s true, 97%!

Now when you bet on NBA games what is the first thing you do? Pick you favorite team? Pick the team with the best record or player in your opinion? These aren’t the worst techniques and you just may win those bets, but there is a hell of a lot more things that go into sports betting that a lot of people don’t take into account.

For instance, say your are going to bet on the Boston Celtics to win their match up against the Charlotte Bobcats, not a bad assumption, the Celtics lead by the Big Ticket Kevin Garnett are the best team in the NBA right now, hands down and the Bobcats are arguably one of the worst teams in the NBA and going absolutely no where. The problem is, if you assume that just because the Boston Celtics are favored to destroy the lowly Bobcats than your chances of losing whatever bet you make going through the rough. The trick is the intangibles like how many games have both teams played in a row? Is KG even playing, is he injured or is Paul Pierce and Ray Allen sitting on the bench in street clothes? What is Boston’s record on the road after two consecutive games?

There are little tons of things like what I just told you that people are blind to when they bet on the NBA or sports for that matter. Most people are impulsive and over confident when betting on sure fire favorites, well they don’t last long because they don’t do their research or you sports betting systems like the Sports Betting Champ which is 78-1 picking winners on NBA games this season, no BS!


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The 6 Best Detroit Lions Bars For The 2019 NFL Season


Detroit, Michigan, may be known as “Hockeytown,” but Detroit Lions fans still fill the 65,000-seat Ford Field every chance they get.

The Lions haven’t won anything resembling a Championship since the pre-Super Bowl era. In fact, there have been some lean decades for Lions fans. However, Lions’ history is still a part of Detroit’s “City of Champions” legacy.

At 3-7 through 10 games this season, it probably isn’t the Lions’ year, but that hasn’t stopped Detroit sports fans from supporting the local NFL squad with full force. The truth is, they still pack local bars and restaurants whenever the Lions play and believe in the home team’s chances without wavering.

There are so many great bars for Lions’ fans all over Detroit, it makes it hard to put together a list of the best Detroit Lions bars.

Still, we managed to configure our top six Lions bars in Detroit right here in this space.

We chose six in honor of the number of years the Lions’ Hall of Fame Running Back Barry Sanders was named a First-team All-Pro. The following list of First-team All-Pro Lions bars should not be missed on any trip to Detroit in the rest of this or any other NFL season:


1384 Michigan Ave, Detroit, MI 48226

A Detroit institution since 1965, Nemo’s historic sports bar is located in the heart of Corktown. In fact, Sports Illustrated called Nemo’s the third-best sports bar in America by Sports back in 2005.

There’s plenty of comfy seats, including covered outdoor seating, and enough TVs to makes sure you never miss a minute of Lions’ action.

Got tickets? Head to Nemo’s to pre-game and grab the $3 shuttle to and from Ford Field as rumor has it the ride is as much fun as any game.

The beer is cold, the food is good and Nemo’s features an old school sports bar vibe complete with tin ceilings, a wooden bar, and wall-to-wall Detroit sports memorabilia.

TAP Sports Bar

1777 3rd St, Detroit, MI 48226

Located inside the MGM Grand Detroit, TAP Sports Bar is the perfect place to catch a Detroit Lions game, especially for those than like to gamble a little, or a lot, before, after, or even during the game.

TAP is decorated in Detroit sports memorabilia and with more than 40 HD flat-screen televisions scattered around the room, they’ve got the Lions, and you covered, offering a front-row seat to at least one screen for everyone.

There’s seating for almost 300, a menu filled with classic comfort food and pub classics, and more than 50 draught and bottled beers to choose from.

The Detroiter Bar

649 Beaubien St Detroit, MI 48226

Another gambler’s paradise, The Detroiter Bar is just down the street from Greektown Casino and invites Detroit Lions fans to watch the game inside or take its shuttle to Ford Field.

This true locals joint is in the heart of downtown and has a Greek-inspired menu featuring some of the best burgers in the city.

Brush Street Stadium Deli

2458 Brush St, Detroit, MI 48201

There’s no need for a shuttle from Brush Street Stadium Deli as its located just a few blocks from Ford Field.

The menu features something they like to think of as a cut above typical bar food. In fact, it’s New Orleans-style pub fare featuring catfish po’boys, jalapeño cornbread fritters, and a great gumbo. Think fast service Creole sandwiches with a full-service bar.

Watch the game on one of the many flat screens and order a custom in-house cocktail to do a Detroit Lions Sunday in style.

Fowling Warehouse

3901 Christopher St, Hamtramck, MI 48211

There’s no place to watch Lions games quite like the Fowling Warehouse in Hamtramck.

It’s in an actual warehouse in Hamtramck and puts you right in the game offering 20 Fowling lanes where you can play its signature combination of football and bowling.

There are also three full-service bars featuring over 120 different types of beer and something called the Mystery Beer Machine. There’s even a 175-seat beer garden and plenty of big-screen TVs for Lions-game viewing.

Unfortunately, there’s no kitchen, but there’s plenty of fun to be had and you can bring in your own food, just like a traditional tailgate party.

Harry’s Detroit

482 Clifford Street, Detroit, MI 48201

Harry’s Detroit has been around since 1945 and has established itself as Detroit Lions Central in the middle of the Midtown’s Sports and Entertainment District.

It’s a huge sports bar with seven HDTVs for lions viewing at the main bar and a more on the covered rooftop patio offering an open-air view of Downtown Detroit and the game.

Harry’s always offers drink specials on gamedays, and the menu is an eclectic mix of upscale pub grub with things like wings, Angus burgers, and a Rueben sandwich made with Wigley’s famous Eastern Market corned beef.


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