Nobody, least of all anyone attempting to forecast an upcoming NFL season, is perfect. But when someone has a platform for the whole world to see, they should be held accountable for their constant failed attempts to predict the NFL season, which are seasoned with irrational hot takes and opinion-based nonsense.

But let’s face it, it’s not about being right or wrong, it’s all about one-liners and attention-grabbing statements that fuel the viewers.

The losers of sports media

But right here, days after Super Bowl 54, we’re calling out the top three biggest losers in sports media when it came to predictions and hot takes this NFL season.

You know who you are.

  • You’re the biggest TV personalities in sports media who can’t get enough of our glorified hot-take culture.
  • You always take the most extreme positions regardless of what the facts say.
  • You’re smug, combative and irrationally overreactive consistently.
  • You cling to your petty opinions with hyperbolic ramblings that are wrong, year after year, and the 2019-20 NFL season was no different.

No matter how ridiculous or irrelevant their arguments may have been, these “shock-jock” sports media personalities always attempt to paint their versions of the truth throughout the entire NFL season.

So, after doing a little research, I found some of the more obnoxious and idiot predictions of the season. It’s time to expose how wrong these so-called experts really were. Enjoy!

No. 1 Skip Bayless

Skip is the king of bad takes. Although he dominates the ratings, he is, without question, the most obnoxious sports media personality on TV. He rarely makes a valid point without contradicting himself and feeds off his ability to instigate at all costs.

Skips 2019-20 overly bias NFL predictions and takes:

  • “It will be a New England-Dallas Super Bowl.”
  • “Cowboys will go 12-4, only losing to Saints, Pats, Bears, Birds.”
  • When Shannon Sharpe told Bayless that the Cowboys would miss the playoffs, he laughed in Sharpe’s face.
  • Bayless repeatedly states that Dak Prescott is better than Mahomes and Carson Wentz:

Even Stephen Smith chimes in on the Cowboys:

No. 2 Colin Cowherd

Colin Cowherd is all bark and no bite.

He’s louder than everyone else in the room, but what he shouts is usually utter nonsense. He hangs up on anyone who disagrees with him, and he is prone to embrace the most brain-dead sports cliches.

Cowherd takes a few more Ls

Early in the NFL season, Cowherd stated that:

  • “Buffalo are pretenders, and they won’t go anywhere this year.” (Loser)
  • And, the “Cowboys are the real deal this year.” (Loser)
  • In a Nick Wright versus Colin Cowherd NFL pick’em bet, Cowherd barely finished above .500.

No. 3 Max Kellerman

Kellerman is the No. 1 Carson Wentz hater in the world. He may have a decent amount of knowledge of boxing, but as you can see below, he has no business being in the NFL media space.

Dan Orlovsky was beating up on Kellerman all season on the subject of Wentz, but the victory celebration didn’t stop there. Following the Eagles’ win over the Cowboys to help them win the NFC East, Orlovsky appeared on Get Up! for an airing of grievances aimed at his dumbfounded colleagues.

Smith destroys Kellerman:

Kellerman being wrong about Tom Brady:


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