Baseball rebounders help players of all levels refine their hitting, throwing, and catching skills. Trainers can simulate various aspects of the game, from ground balls to short pop-ups, line drives, etc. and improve defensive skills as well as hand-eye coordination. Repeated practice with a good quality pitch back will help your players achieve agility, balance, and coordination. Another huge advantage is that your team can practice with minimal supervision. Baseball and softball coaches across the country rely on this effective piece of equipment to make the most of their training sessions.

Tips for selecting baseball rebounders

Given the wide range of choices, selecting the right pitching net can be a daunting task. Here are some of the most important features to look for:

  • Robust construction: A cheap baseball pitch back could lead to a torn net, bent frame, and broken legs with only a few months of use. The ideal choice is a heavy gauge, galvanized steel frame (and legs) with a heavy duty, 21″polyethylene all-weather net. Many coaches swear by the 4’W x 5’H Collegiate Pitch Back Screen. Made of 16-gauge Allied Flo-coat® galvanized steel, it stands up to years of rigorous use. The knotless 1 ¼” square mesh nets also provide consistent spring back.
  • Multiple angles: The right rebounder is one that allows you to easily simulate ground balls, line drives, short-hops, pop flies, etc. The 4’W x 5’H Collegiate Pitch Back Screen, for example, changes in 15° increments up to 45° in either direction and is used from either side. Specially designed wall ball pitch back trainers also allow different angles for all types of rebounding drills. A heavy galvanized steel base keeps the screen from shifting despite repeated ball impact.
  • Straight-forward assembly: These latest products install and dismantle in minutes. They also very easily switch between ball return settings, helping you make the most of your practice time. In a select few models, you can simply flip the frame over to the Pro-Catcher side to use as a pitching target. They are ideal for solo practices, personal coaching, or even for your backyard practice. They will store easily in your equipment room.

The pitch back provides benefits to players who are new to the game, and those who are looking to move to the next level. An outlined strike zone is nice to have as your players can practice throws at a target, but it is not an essential accessory. Many coaches invest in padding to protect the frame from errant throws and reduce ball ricochet which could injure players.

They are available in a range of sizes (5′ H x 4′ W, 6′ H x 6′ W, & 8′ H x 8′ W), catering to diverse player needs.

Develop coordination, improve agility, and enhance catching skills with a high-quality baseball pitch back.

Source by C. Brian Richardson